Wedding Guest Style - Wedding Belles Wear Sivani

Kate Middleton Fascinator; Credit:; Tim Graham/Getty

Do us a favor and flip open to the June/July/August pages of your monthly planner. If you don’t already have a wedding (or two, or three) written down in one (or two, or three) of the weekend boxes, it’s probably just because you just haven’t gotten all the invitations yet!

We made our point - it's time to do some shopping and find the best wedding guest style for you and your personality. Dressing as a guest of the wedding should be a good time, not a drag.

While we approve of keeping some of the rules in place – never, ever, ever, wear a white dress unless you’re the bride – we at Sivani are also in favor of adding some flavor to the polite, pearl and pastel ensembles usually seen at summer nuptials.

The best place to start for inspiration is your local Sivani blog. Take a look at some of our other posts and throw together a wild, Safari-style outfit or a laidback hippie gal look. You can dress any of these styles up with the right shoes and accessories.

And here’s another awesome secret from the Sivani fashion vault: a website called “Rent the Runway.” You can find them at the aptly named

This site lets you rent designer gowns for a weekend at a fraction of the original cost. They’ll even send you two sizes of the same gown to cover any measurement mishaps. Imagine how confident you’ll feel in Temperley or Gucci as you take to the dance floor! Dresses are available, but also shoes, wraps, and bags.

If your dress is the canvas, your accessories are your paint, your accents. With that in mind, we’d also like to suggest taking a cue from the British in general and the Duchess of Cambridge specifically and encourage you to try out some flirty fascinators and hats.

Few things in life are more enjoyable than visiting a milliner, and future brides might consider this as a gift to her bridesmaids or special guests! Do a Google search and find a qualified hat maker in your area, or simply head to the nicest department store you can think of.

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