Accessories for Men: What You Carry Is As Important as What You Wear!

Accessories for Men. Image source: GQ Magazine

Guys, let's talk about accessories for men. If you have on the most incredible, flashy, elegant, or trendy ensemble in the entire fashion universe, or just an outfit you’re particularly proud of, don’t let shoddy accessories put a dent in your style groove! It happens all too often, to all too many men.

Accessories are important – you heard it here first. And we don’t just mean belts and watches. Now, here are some ways that the in-the-know guy can make sure his entire look scores a perfect 10.

1. Lighter. Even if you don’t smoke, you might one day be in a position to offer someone attractive a light. And if you do ever find yourself in such a situation, you’ll be glad you have a nice lighter, such as those by Davidoff of Geneva.

2. Money clip. Sleeker than a wallet, and more streamlined to wear in a suit jacket and slacks than a wallet. Try out Paul Stuart’s cool paper clip money clip for a modern, somewhat ironic take on an old classic.

3. Cufflinks. Do not (I repeat: do NOT) neglect the cufflinks. Invest in a good pair and they will serve you well for life, from business meetings to special occasions. As fate might have it, Tiffany & Co. has a handsome range for you to try.

4. Tie Bar. Tie bars can add a little dash of class to your look. If you’re on a budget, never fear: has several good-looking choices available. Hint: a tie bar with a pattern on a patterned tie bar is totally in for fall 2012.

And, of course, make sure to accessorize your look with some of Sivani’s accessories for men: men’s bracelets and necklaces. No outfit is complete for a truly stylish man without one (or two, or more).

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