Outdoorsy Fashion is a Style Trend

William and Kate Outdoorsy Style. Image source: duchesscatherinestyleblog.blogspot.com

We have been watching the rise of a very interesting style trend - outdoorsy fashion . We seem to keep coming back to British fashion in our blog this year, and we have a very suspicious feeling that it has something to do with a few recently wed, attractive, and high-profile young members of England’s royal family.

While Duchess Kate has become a global style icon for women, conservative but well-dressed William has also made men’s headlines. One of the many things the royal couple is excellent at doing is making outdoorsy fashion look refined and yes, regal.

There is a proper way to do outdoorsy fashion, and they are the ambassadors par excellence for the look. Sivani’s tips for men and women on pulling off outdoorsy fashion? Read on.

Men, buy yourself a tweed hunting hat. We suggest searching online. Next, don some dark denim and a wool sweater. We definitely recommend a pair of Hunter Wellington boots to finish off the look: the classic green or navy blue are fresh for men. Top it all off with a Barbour men’s jacket and you’ll be looking foxhunt-ready in moments.

Women, your outdoor fashions are not all that different from the men’s. But there are variations you can add while still looking like you’re about to go into the wild. You can reach for a tweed cap of your own for a masculine statement, but for a more ornate Kate-worthy topper find a (fur or faux) hat. Also, take a note from the duchess’ famous shearling jacket. Wellys are definitely a must for ladies, too: feel free to choose a bright color or a more traditional neutral!

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