Black and White Outfits - You Can’t Go Wrong with Them

Black and White Outfits. Image source:

Today we are going to share our thoughts on black and white outfits . Black and white are classic colors (we’ll skip the commentary on how they’re not actually colors).

They look good on just about everyone – why do you think men and women in the western world have constantly turned to them on their wedding days, the most-photographed moments of their lives?

These colors have thousands of connotations, fashion and otherwise. However, we at Sivani believe that these colors don’t get enough use in daily life – with people who aren’t waiters, that is.

Here are some ideas on incorporating black and white outfits into your fashion rotation:

1. Try wearing a black top with white bottoms. This is a summer-approved look, but always good for vacations to warm spots, too. This pairing avoids the waiter black-on-the-bottom-white-on-the-top look.

For men, wear with a Sivani sterling silver bracelet.

Women, try a flowing skirt and a simple strappy top.

2. Mix black and white patterns. Mixing patterns is one of fall 2012’s top fashion ideas. So why not do it in black and white?

Ladies, try a vertically striped top with a horizontally striped skirt, or vice versa.

Men, a white shirt with thin black pinstripes will look modern and fresh with a bold, black and white checkered tie.

3. Wear black and white with a pop of color. Men and women both can keep it modern and cool by keeping 99% of their outfit black and white with the exception of one piece or accessory that is bold and colorful.

Sivani’s bracelets and necklaces for men and women can provide the little pop of color that can create visual interest in a look that is primarily black and white. Your mother thought looking at the world as black and white was a bad idea. We think it’s an excellent one.

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