Leave the Black Men's Leather Gloves at Home

fingerless gloves. Image source: gq.com

Men’s leather gloves, especially in black, are, of course, a classical, masculine, and sexy staple of men’s winter accessories and have been for generations. If you already have a nice pair in rotation, you’re definitely a stylish guy.

But, as always, Sivani wants you to push the envelope a little more in an effort to become more stylish and unique – the kind of man who catches women’s eyes on the street. Women notice details. If you’ve ever dated one, lived with one, or grew up with any sisters, mothers, or female friends, you probably know this.

And a nice set of gloves is a great way to get their attention. You might be asking yourself: what can I possible do to make men’s winter accessories like gloves more interesting?

Here are Sivani’s thoughts on the matter:

1. Brightly colored knit gloves. These are just plain fun and show you don’t take yourself so seriously. Gap, for instance, is famous for these delightful and colorfully patterned styles.

We suggest wearing them with a leather necklace for men by Sivani and a knit sweater under a peacoat for an approachable, masculine look.

2. Designer gloves. If you’re more of a luxury-designs wearer and fan, reach for gloves with the designer’s insignia on the gloves. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and the like all make splendid men’s leather gloves with patterns that will last for years on end

3. Layer. Sivani’s leather bracelets for men with any of the gloves you choose to wear. Put the bracelets over your gloves to make a nice layering statement.

Feel free to mix and match colors and media – we often add precious stones and sterling silver to the mix, and you should too.

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