Mustard Color: A Hue for Men and Women

Mustard Color in Clothing and Accessories. Image source: GQ Magazine

Bright colors have been making a splash in both men’s and women’s fashions over the last few seasons. This trend toward bold hues has its roots in color blocking, which took hold for Spring/Summer 2011. One of the most popular colors this Fall/Winter is mustard. Here are Sivani’s tips for wearing this sometimes-tricky mustard color.

Men: embrace this retro color with mustard accessories. Go ahead, try a mustard bowtie with a pattern on it, on top of a patterned Oxford and sweater, possibly even with a patterned jacket. Sneakers in mustard color or even better - leather shoes in mustard color also look fun and elegant.

Or embrace it with a mustard-colored fedora for a major style statement that befits any somewhat rebellious, devil-may-care Sivani guy. Mustard doesn’t have to be relegated to the accessories, however -- guys can also wear it on top or bottom, in jean, sweater, t-shirt, or even blazer. Remember also, mustard looks great with purples!

Women: mustard can look sweet, quirky, and preppy on women. With this season’s colored denim remaining a trend into the foreseeable future, it’s a bright idea to invest in a great pair of mustard jeans. For the holidays, try a cocktail dress in mustard color with a red or green velvet cropped jacket.

Mustard accessories such as mustard leather gloves, chunky necklaces, and headbands are also a wonderful way to incorporate this hue into your wardrobe. Of course, it also looks lovely in rain gear, from wellington boots to slick raincoats. Mustard is a fun color, so dress it up and dress it down -- but please, be creative!

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